June 18, 2003:
I've made some minor updates to the Links section, adding a link for a new Yahoo based Legion mailing list. We've been unable to fix the missing moderator problem on the original list, so there is some small migration starting. The orignial Yahoo list is not closing down. I've also added a link to Mainframe's Alien Legion page. Not much there yet, but check it out - there's some interesting potential. Ever wanted your own toy Hell Gun?

Here's the latest from Carl Potts, in an email to the original Yahoo list, in case anyone missed it:

"Here's the latest on the efforts to get the Alien Legion TV series. We
finished the pitch bible recently and Mainframe has been pitching the show
to potential US broadcast partners, generating very positive reactions. It
is, unfortunately, a slow process with lots of small steps.

"I also just signed a deal with UK publisher Titan for the next two Alien
Legion trade paperback collections. One (probably out late this year) will
collect the three 48 pg. issues of On The Edge. The second volume will
collect the Tenants From Hell two 48 page issues along with one or two rare
Alien Legion short stories.

"If any of you are attending the San Diego Con this year, it looks like I'll
be there but roaming the aisles. I won't be "setting set up shop" at a
table. If some of you are attending and would like to visit for a bit, let
me know and I'll see if we can arrange a time and place to meet one of the
days. Check Dixon will also be attending but he will be stationed at the
CrossGen booth."

November 22nd, 2002:
Mainframe Entertainment picks up the rights to create an Alien Legion animated TV show! Read the press release here... This is really exciting!! Hopefully I'll be able to post some 'insider' news and info as details emerge.

November, 2002:
Amazon.com posts second Checker book on Alien Legion (Alien Legion: Peacemaker)! Noticed this November 23rd. They say availability is 7-8 days, but have not seen the official press release yet.

Force Nomad Cover(From the Amazon.com web site) The spectacular follow-up to Alien Legion: Force Nomad, Piecemaker collects seven more issues in the Alien Legion saga. In stunning full color, Force Nomad resumes duty in a series of far-flung combat zones. The volatile Jugger Grimrod confronts his violent past while Tamara faces a surprising future – amid the always perilous present that is the daily bread of Force Nomad of the Alien Legion.




September 13, 2002:
www.foot-sloggers.com massive redesign goes live!!

July 14th, 2002:
www.alienlegion.org has moved to www.foot-sloggers.com

February 16th, 2002:
With permission from Carl Potts and Fantagraphics, I have posted the Alien Legion® story from Amazing Heroes #44 today. See the Data Center for the link.

February 5th, 2002:
Carl Potts has given me permission to use Alien Legion® and its images in this fan site on a limited basis. Thanks Mr. Potts! The changes to the site you requested have been completed.

February 2nd, 2002:
I've added a gallery section, and updated some of the issue guides.

January 21st, 2002:
Bruno found a fan fiction story! Follow the new fanfic link to read it.

December 12th, 2001:
alienlegion.org 1 year birthday.

November 15th, 2001:
Renewed alienlegion.org for another year!

November 9th, 2001:
Official Alien Legion® Reprints Coming! This bodes well for a future movie deal:

Force Nomad Cover(From the Comics2Film web site) Fans continue to wait for movement of the planned Alien Legion feature film. The movie is in development with producer Don Murphy (From Hell) and screenwriter J.D. Zeik (Witchblade).
However a new series of trade paperbacks will soon hit the market to tide over fans of the comics and allow the uninitiated to get up to speed.  
According to a recent press release, Checker Book Publishing Group, a new publishing venture, has announced the launch of its list with the December publication of Alien Legion: Force Nomad.
Alien Legion: Force Nomad is the first in a series of collections of the critically acclaimed comic book series, which ran from 1987 to 1991. Featuring a fascinating concept - a galaxy-hopping mercenary force a la the French Foreign Legion - developed by Carl Potts, and scripted and drawn by the dynamite creative team of Chuck Dixon (Birds of Prey) and Larry Stroman (Tribe), Force Nomad collects the first eleven issues of the series' second run.
A second collection, which will collect the remainder of the second run, is slated for May 2002 publication. Checker has more volumes of this fan favorite planned, in addition to numerous other projects.
"Alien Legion: Force Nomad was the perfect title to launch our publishing house," said Publisher Mark Thompson. "It demonstrates our mission, which is to go back and rescue worthy comic book properties which lived and died in the era before the graphic novel format had taken hold, and to keep them available to the public in a durable, good-looking, complete format that's equally at home in a comic shop or a bookstore."

February 2001:
Completed the set! I now have a complete set of Alien Legion comics.

December 2000:
alienlegion.org goes live.

October 2000:
Site goes live!

October 11, 2000:
Dimension Enlists Alien Legion®

(From The Hollywood Reporter) Dimension Films has bought the feature-film rights to Carl Potts' SF/action comic book series Alien Legion and hired J.D. Zeik (Ronin,Witchblade) to adapt the comic for the big screen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The series is described as "the French Foreign Legion in outer space" and tells the story of a young man disowned by his wealthy family who joins up with the "Alien Legion" to prove himself. Potts will co-produce and Zeik will executive produce the film. Alien Legion is being developed as a live-action feature that will use both computer and physical effects, sources told the trade paper. The comic book series was created by Potts and published between 1984 and 1992 by Epic Comics, the creator-owned arm of Marvel Comics. Potts was executive editor at Marvel Comics and editor-in-chief of the Epic Comics imprint.